March 10, 2017

Team Ambassador Sign-up

Sign up to be a Bayou Regional Team Ambassador!

Hello Bayou Teams!

Please take a moment to nominate one of your team members to act as a Student Ambassador on Friday and Saturday during the Bayou Regional.  

Student Ambassadors will give VIP tours to special guests and media, beginning Friday morning at 7:30 am.  Ambassadors will also attend the VIP luncheon and sit at tables with the Invited Guests to talk about your experience with FIRST. After the VIP breakfast on Friday morning, Ambassadors will be “on-call” to give tours of the pits and the field and explain the game to any special guests or media that attend through Saturday afternoon.  We won’t expect you to miss your matches, but ambassadors will have to be available and should not be a critical member of the team.

Student Ambassadors need to have a dynamic, outgoing personality.  They need to have a very good understanding of FIRST, the build season, and the game and be able to create excitement about FIRST to potential sponsors, current sponsors, and other special guests. There may be media who will ask for interviews, so these students need to be good public speakers and be able to prepare a brief

explanation of what FIRST means to them.

To nominate your team ambassador, please go to HERE.  And please let your nominees know that there will be a meeting in the lobby area next to information table on Thursday afternoon at 2pm for all ambassadors.  If you have any questions, please contact our Bayou Regional Ambassador Coordinator at