March 7, 2017

Team Resources

More information on the below documents can be found under the “Team Resources” drop-down link.

Event Agenda

The 2020 Public Agenda has not officially been finalized, but you can check out the 2019 agenda in the link above.  We expect that 2020 will be very similar!

The Public Agenda for the Bayou Regional does not include the entire schedule for teams. Please look for additional schedules, like workshops, award interviews, and special events, in your email and at Pit Administration, where you check in at the event.

Team Meal Order Form

Concessions at the Bayou Regional are very expensive and pricing is out of our control.  To combat this, we have arranged with the caterer to have group meals available to teams.  Link HERE for information on Team Meals and where to get/eat them.

Load-in Map

The Bayou load-in changed a bit in 2019, giving you MORE ACCESS POINTS for LESS WAIT!  There are two locations for load-in entry, one from the parking lot and one at Williams Blvd.  Check out the map and your email inbox for more details!


Teams can volunteer for many spots at Bayou!

Field Reset

Safety Glasses


FLL Demonstrations

Give a Workshop!

Contact us if you are interested in giving a team workshop at the Bayou!

FTC Demonstrations