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Team #Team NameLocationSponsorsSchoolsRookie Season
1818Capital One Bank/Biomedical Research Foundation/The Thrifty Peanut&Southwood High SchoolShreveport, LA  USA[Capital One Bank],[Biomedical Research Foundation],[The Thrifty Peanut][Southwood High School]2006
1912NASA/NASA Stennis Space Center/U.S. Naval Research Laboratory/DoDSTEM/Aerojet Rocketdyne/Textron Marine & Land/CLECO/Geocent, Inc./St. Tammany Parish School Board/Alliance Laser & Northshore High School & Salmen High School Slidell, LA  USA[NASA],[NASA Stennis Space Center],[U.S. Naval Research Laboratory],[DoDSTEM],[Aerojet Rocketdyne],[Textron Marine & Land],[CLECO],[Geocent, Inc.],[St. Tammany Parish School Board],[Alliance Laser][Northshore High School],[Salmen High School]2006
2078&St Pauls SchoolCovington, LA  USA[St Pauls School]2007
2080H Rocker Electric/Lockheed Martin/DS Solidworks/Intralox/Entergy/Walmart&Hammond High SchoolHammond, LA  USA[H Rocker Electric],[Lockheed Martin],[DS Solidworks],[Intralox],[Entergy],[Walmart][Hammond High School]2007
2183Entergy/Monsanto/DOW/ARKEMA/Royal Productions/Laitram Corp/Intralox/Cornerstone Chemical/Distefano Plumbing/Allen's Ace Hardware/Outcast Marine, Inc./Barnes and Noble/St. Charles Parish Public Schools/Ameriprise Financial&Hahnville High School Boutte, LA  USA[Entergy],[Monsanto],[DOW],[ARKEMA],[Royal Productions],[Laitram Corp/Intralox],[Cornerstone Chemical],[Distefano Plumbing],[Allen's Ace Hardware],[Outcast Marine, Inc.],[Barnes and Noble],[St. Charles Parish Public Schools],[Ameriprise Financial][Hahnville High School]2007
2221RoboDawgs Booster Club/Bentley Software/DW Bryant Consulting, LLC/Floor It/Classy Hair & Wigs/Huntington Learning Center/Big Easy Comics, LLC./Pilant Court Reporting, LTD./Rabalias Unland Attorneys/Anne and Richard Authement/The Bosman Family/George Newton IV&Fontainebleau High School Mandeville, LA  USA[RoboDawgs Booster Club],[Bentley Software],[DW Bryant Consulting, LLC],[Floor It],[Classy Hair & Wigs],[Huntington Learning Center],[Big Easy Comics, LLC.],[Pilant Court Reporting, LTD.],[Rabalias Unland Attorneys],[Anne and Richard Authement],[The Bosman Family],[George Newton IV][Fontainebleau High School]2007
2992NASA/Boeing/St. Tammany Parish School Board/City of Mandeville/Fort Knox Climate Controlled Self Storage&Mandeville High SchoolMandeville, LA  USA[NASA],[Boeing],[St. Tammany Parish School Board],[City of Mandeville],[Fort Knox Climate Controlled Self Storage][Mandeville High School]2009
3039Dow/Monsanto/Entergy/Motiva/Schlumberger/St. Charles Parish Public Schools/Engine Monitor/Shirt Shack/Cospolich/Anthony's Ace Hardware&Destrehan High SchoolDestrehan, LA  USA[Dow],[Monsanto],[Entergy],[Motiva],[Schlumberger],[St. Charles Parish Public Schools],[Engine Monitor],[Shirt Shack],[Cospolich],[Anthony's Ace Hardware][Destrehan High School]2009
3337DOW Chemical/The Foundation for the EBR School System/LSU's Department of Engineering STEP Program/Moates.Net & Woodlawn High SchoolBaton Rouge, LA  USA[DOW Chemical],[The Foundation for the EBR School System],[LSU's Department of Engineering STEP Program],[Moates.Net][Woodlawn High School]2010
3468West Monroe High School MAGNAtech&West Monroe High School&MAGNAtechWest Monroe, LA  USA[West Monroe High School MAGNAtech][MAGNAtech],[West Monroe High School]2011
3606Catholic High SchoolBaton Rouge, LA  USA[Catholic High School]2011
3616Comeaux Academic Enrichment Program/Cargill Deicing Technology/ISA Lafayette/CAD Solutions, Inc./TEFSCO Automation & Controls/Begnaud Manufacturing/InventureWorks/Sign Design Pros/McGill Precision Waterjet LLC/Arrow Aviation/CLECO/IEEE Lafayette/United Production and Construction, Inc.&O. Comeaux High School&Lafayette High School&Home School Lafayette, LA  USA[Comeaux Academic Enrichment Program],[Cargill Deicing Technology],[ISA Lafayette],[CAD Solutions, Inc.],[TEFSCO Automation & Controls],[Begnaud Manufacturing],[InventureWorks],[Sign Design Pros],[McGill Precision Waterjet LLC],[Arrow Aviation],[CLECO],[IEEE Lafayette],[United Production and Construction, Inc.][O. Comeaux High School],[Lafayette High School],[Home School]2011
3753Albemarle Foundation & Parkview Baptist SchoolBaton Rouge, LA  USA[Albemarle Foundation][Parkview Baptist School]2011
3946NASA/Ingersoll Rand/Textron/DoDSTEM/ST TAMMANY PARISH SCHOOL DISTRICT & Slidell High SchoolSlidell, LA  USA[NASA],[Ingersoll Rand],[Textron],[DoDSTEM],[ST TAMMANY PARISH SCHOOL DISTRICT][Slidell High School]2012
3991LEIDOS/BRZoom & Episcopal High SchoolBaton Rouge, LA  USA[LEIDOS],[BRZoom][Episcopal High School]2012
4053BASF/Ford, Bacon, & Davis Engineering & East Ascension High School & Dutchtown High School & St. Amant High School & Donaldsonville High School Gonzales, LA  USA[Ford, Bacon, & Davis Engineering],[BASF][East Ascension High School],[Dutchtown High School],[St. Amant High School],[Donaldsonville High School]2012
4087Monsanto/Leidos/The Heim Foundation/Entergy/Chevron/DOW/Patrick F. Taylor School Fund/Donors Choose/Directnic and Dotology/Lockheed Martin & Benjamin Franklin High SchoolNew Orleans, LA  USA[Monsanto],[Leidos],[The Heim Foundation],[Entergy],[Chevron],[DOW],[Patrick F. Taylor School Fund],[Donors Choose],[Directnic and Dotology],[Lockheed Martin][Benjamin Franklin High School]2012
4209Entergy /The Cain Center at LSU&Robert E. Lee High School&Baton Rouge Magnet High SchoolBaton Rouge, LA  USA[Entergy ],[The Cain Center at LSU][Baton Rouge Magnet High School],[Robert E. Lee High School]2012
4336ISA Lafayette/Linear Controls/Control Concepts & Technology/St Basil KC Council/Elite Communication Service/Datacom, LLC/Digital Concepts/Connection Specialist Inc./Consolidated Electrical Distributors/Donovan Controls LLC/Total Safety/Lafayette Coca-Cola Bottling Co/Ardent Service/Automation Communication Engineering Corporation/DAI Engineering Management Group/Capital Valve/A & M Training Group LLC&Acadiana High School Lafayette, LA  USA[ISA Lafayette],[Linear Controls],[Control Concepts & Technology],[St Basil KC Council],[Elite Communication Service],[Datacom, LLC],[Digital Concepts],[Connection Specialist Inc.],[Consolidated Electrical Distributors],[Donovan Controls LLC],[Total Safety],[Lafayette Coca-Cola Bottling Co],[Ardent Service],[Automation Communication Engine[Acadiana High School]2012
4353ISA/CETCO/Fugro/Barnes & Noble Lafayette/Pinhook Foundation/Spirit Energy&David Thibodaux Career and Technical High SchoolLafayette, LA  USA[ISA],[CETCO],[Fugro],[Barnes & Noble Lafayette],[Pinhook Foundation],[Spirit Energy][David Thibodaux Career and Technical High School]2012
4978General Informatics/Peters Wealth Advisors & the Dunham SchoolBaton Rouge, LA  USA[General Informatics],[Peters Wealth Advisors][the Dunham School]2014
5168NASA & Warren Easton Senior High SchoolNew Orleans, LA  USA[NASA][Warren Easton Senior High School]2014
5785Dow/Edgen Murray Group/ISC&St Josephs AcademyBaton Rouge, LA  USA[Dow],[Edgen Murray Group],[ISC][St Josephs Academy]2015
5863Brusly High SchoolPort Allen, LA  USA[Brusly High School]2016
5864Port Allen High SchoolPort Allen, LA  USA[DOW Chemical][Port Allen High School]2016
5953Home SchoolNew Orleans, LA  USA[Home School]2016
5965NASA/Capital One & Academy of Our LadyMarrero, LA  USA[NASA],[Capital One][Academy of Our Lady]2016
5971Entergy/Laitrim&Archbishop Rummel High SchoolMetairie, LA  USA[Entergy],[Laitrim][Archbishop Rummel High School]2016
5997East Iberville Elementary/High SchoolSt. Gabriel, LA  USA[East Iberville Elementary/High School]2016
6103Plaquemine Senior High SchoolPlaquemine, LA  USA[Plaquemine Senior High School]2016
6489NASA/Entergy/Dow&Zachary High SchoolZachary, LA  USA[NASA],[Entergy],[Dow][Zachary High School]2017
6810Starship AcademyMaringouin, LA  USA[Starship Academy]2018
6923Entergy&West Feliciana High SchoolSaint Francisville, LA  USA[Entergy][West Feliciana High School]2018
7049Magnolia School of ExcellenceShreveport, LA  USA[Magnolia School of Excellence]2018
7275Lusher Charter SchoolNew Orleans, LA  USA[Lusher Charter School]2018
7288New Orleans Military/Maritime AcademyNew Orleans, LA  USA[New Orleans Military/Maritime Academy]2018
7316Ursuline Academy High SchoolNew Orleans, LA  USA[Ursuline Academy High School]2018
7331Mckinley Senior High SchoolBaton Rouge, LA  USA[Mckinley Senior High School]2018