New New Orleans Kickoff!

Still trying to decide which kickoff to attend? We went to the organizers of the new Delgado Kickoff, Samantha Candler and Ellie Buehler, to get the skinny on the new event in New Orleans!

1. Why does Delgado think it is important to support FIRST?

               Our mission is to support K-12 education and encourage students to enjoy STEM and engage in STEM activities outside of classes. We would like to be a resource for teams with limited budgets and experience and help them compete on a level playing field with more advanced schools. We believe this will positively impact the participating students in the future.  

2. What will we include in the Delgado FRC kickoff experience?

               We would like to host a “Fast start” robot build workshop the Saturday following kickoff for rookie teams. We will provide a location for teams to watch the kickoff event live stream and pick up their kit of parts. We will offer a tour of the Fab Lab, and make clear which days the lab will be open exclusively for FIRST team use (e.g.) Saturdays.

3. How will Delgado continue to support FIRST and FRC after kickoff

               We will be a resource for teams building their robots and for future events. We are planning on building a practice field again this year, and opening it to teams every Saturday. Ellie Buehler and Sam Candler are experienced with many aspects of FIRST, from programming and design to robot inspections and judging.  We will be available to help teams on Friday afternoons and Saturdays.

Delgado Community College has been a fantastic resource for teams!

Special thanks to April Gaydos, Samantha Candler and Ellie Buehler for making this new kickoff happen!