What the heck is the Virtual Kit of Parts?

Hello FIRST Teams!

I had a request to send out an email to all our rookies to help explain what FIRST Choice is and to help folks understand the Virtual Kit of Parts (VKOP).  It occurred to me that we have a lot of turn-over with students and mentors, so I thought a good portion of experienced teams could use the information as well.  As with most things in FRC our teams have already generated some really useful information special thanks to Teams 900, 4188, and 5256 for putting these resources together for us!

Virtual KOP – Items like software, redeemable vouchers, and more…

FIRST Choice – Items made available by suppliers in smaller quantities but not enough items for all teams.  These item are given out based on “draft”, where each team must log in to the system and prioritize which items you prefer to receive.

Marshall from team 900 (The Zebracorns) just hosted a webinar on the VKOP and FIRST Choice which is located at the link below.


I highly suggest you watch this webinar, Marshall did a great job!  The slides are attached.

Also, the link below from Team 5256 does a really good job of explaining most things about FRC robots.


Chief Delphi (https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/portal.php) is an online forum dedicated to FIRST and FRC that contains a wealth of information.  I highly suggest that someone from your team at least monitors this forum.  Unfortunately, it is an internet forum that is susceptible to all the problems with internet forums.  Verify any information and rule interpretations through the appropriate channels before acting upon what you read on any non-FIRST internet sources.

One of our extended family members “Spectrum” Team 3847 has put together a few suggestions for your FIRST Choice selections at https://blog.spectrum3847.org/2018/11/first-choice-and-kop-vouchers.html

Please spend some time looking over their blog, they are a great team and they go above and beyond trying to help other teams.

If you need additional help, please reach out to me (Clint Brawley, cbrawley@firstinspires.org) or our new Louisiana Senior Mentor April Gaydos (agaydos@firstinspires.org).

Please ensure that your team utilizes the Virtual Kit of Parts and the product vouchers, it will help your team.


Clint Brawley