Our new Event Registration Preference system is opening tomorrow at 11:00AM central time!  Please be sure to read the ENTIRE manual and the FAQ’s linked in the email below to understand this new process.  Its 14 pages, but many of those pages are screen shots so please take some time to read the whole thing.  Please be patient!  If you run into issues, contact me by email with your concern.  I expect to get quite a few emails, so please give me a little time to respond.  Also, I may have to bring your question to HQ, so we need to allow for that as well.  This year is very different and in many ways better for your first round of event choices.  Event preference Round 1 closes on SEPT 28th, so you have a full week to get this done.  No more sitting at the computer with your hand on the enter key!  No more missing the chance because you were working or in class when the registration time started!  You have all week, but start early so that if you have issues there is time to fix them.

IF YOU WANT TO GUARANTEE BAYOU:  Be sure to choose Bayou as your first choice AND your wait list choice.  That is the only way to guarantee that you will secure your spot.

IF YOU ATTEND MORE THAN ON EVENT:  You will have a second round of event preferences after SEPT 28th.  Please stay tuned for more documentation on that situation to come from FRC.  Be sure to read Frank’s Blog for updates!

BAYOU WAIT LIST:  After you register for the Bayou, if you get wait listed, don’t panic. Send me an email and, if you’re a local Bayou team I will make sure you get in.

BAYOU RESERVED SPOTS:  The Bayou Regional only reserves spots for rookie teams.  If you are not a rookie, do not assume that you have a spot or that you will get a spot in round 2.  Please make sure that if you want to attend Bayou, you secure the spot using the method above.  If you choose to attend a different event as your first event, that is perfectly fine, but you will not get preferential treatment as a veteran team.

BAYOU DATES:  Bayou is week 4, which is March 21-23rd.  We will have early load in on Wed March 20th and we will send out more details about that later.

IF YOU ARE A ROOKIE:  Please let me know if you have any questions!  My cell phone is 310-733-7600.  If I haven’t spoken to you already, I would love to set up a call or a visit just to get to know you and your team.

GRANTS:  Pay attention to the grants page on the FIRST website for updates on national grant opportunities.  Local grants will be sent to you directly as they are available and will also be posted on social media.

IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE:  I am currently working on a grant application that could help those teams that are facing an obstacle that is keeping you from registering or causes concern.  This is for rookie and veteran teams, so if you are having any type of issue that’s holding you back or could hold you back, please let me know immediately.  I am on a deadline for this grant and I might be able to include your team in the ask if you qualify.  Don’t assume there’s no way I can help!

HOTELS:  The Bayou Regional does not use Experient for hotels.  We have our own hotel blocks and will be posting those hotels soon. Hotel prices will range from $119 per night to $143 per night and we do our best to get as many double rooms as possible.

Please do not stay in hotels outside of the blocks.  Its important that we know where all of our teams are staying for safety and emergencies.  Also, the Bayou Regional is eligible for Parish grants based on the number of hotel rooms we can track and if you are not in our hotels, we can’t count your rooms toward that grant amount.  We also receive a commission from the hotels that we hold blocks in.  This commission does not cost anything additional for you, but is part of an incentive for us to use their hotels.  Finally, for every 30 room nights we book in our blocks, we are able to get one comp night.  These comps are used for our many volunteers that come in from around the state, Texas and Mississippi.  These volunteers don’t get their travel reimbursed, so we try to give them these comp rooms as a thank you for their time away from work and the expense of their travel.

I’ll send out an email and will post on social media when the hotels are posted.

I will try to keep my emails to a minimum and only send what’s important to your Bayou experience, but there is a lot more information that will be posted on social media and on the new FRC Bayou Blog.  Please subscribe, like, follow, and friend us on the following to make sure you’re in the know!

Bayou Blog:

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If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by text, email, or phone!